1. Selection of Raw Materials

process 1 buah merah raw materials

We select high quality red fruit that is big and ripe. Quality raw materials has stronger nutrient content.


2. Washing & Cutting

process 2 buah merah a

process 2 buah merah bprocess 2 buah merah c

The selected red fruit washed with clean water, brush them and then cut them into pieces. Discard the pith of the fruit and clean the fruit pieces again.


3. Cooking Process

Cook the red fruit for 1 – 1.5 hours to facilitate the release of the red fruit extract.


4. Separation Process

Separating the water, the seeds of red fruit, red fruit pulp and oil red juice


5. Deposition Process

process 5 buah merah deposition

Oil of the red fruit is deposited for 15 to 30 days.

Our Red Fruit Oil product is always controlled by chemist before going to the market. If the finished products could not pass the safety and quality standard, We do not release them to the market, we destroy them.


6. Store and Pack

red fruit oil indonesiaOil red juice is stored in a sterile bottles.

Why the red fruit oil seem expensive?

Some factors influencing production cost are:

  • The buah merah soaking is only 15%. To get 200 ml essences, it requires wet fruit of 10 kgs weight.
  • The raw materials obtained from exiled area. To reach there, we must use transportation with high costs such as flight.
  • The buah merah raw materials are very limited.

Red Fruit Oil is 100% natural and safe. HACCP Food Safety System.
Our natural product is processed through the only scientifically proven processing method, hygienic, modern and has been approved by the Ministry of Health – Republic of Indonesia and the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration (FDA) POM TR. 073 671 731

Why do you choose Red Fruit Oil ?

1. Red Fruit Oil has been registered and given permit by POM TR 073 671 731
2. Red Fruit Oil has been processed according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Control Points) standard.
3. Red Fruit Oil has been checked and analyzed by locally and internationally recommended independent laboratory, stated that:

  • It is free from heavy metals.
  • It is free from Aflatoxin, a poisonous substance from algae that is normally occured in plant.
  • Bacterial count is not more than 10² / ml.

4. Experienced pharmacist who has had experience more than 20 years in multinational pharmaceutical company supervises the production process.
5. Red Fruit Oil is always controlled by chemist in our own laboratory before going to the market.

Good Manufacturing Process

Employing only skilled professional agriculturist, pharmacist, and chemist, The manufacturer focus on delivering the best quality products.