Read How these people successfully fought cancer.

ovarian cancer survivors

"The cancer in me got smaller, thanks to red fruit!"
Ussy - Actress & Presenter, Ovarian cancer survivor

natural cancer cures

"There will be a world-leading cures for cancer !"
Lauren - Practitioner & Paranormal

"I advised my patients to take some red fruit supplement!"
Dr. Alvin - Medical Doctor

"Cancer cell that formerly was 6cm reduced up to 3cm".
Susy, breast cancer survivor

"Buah merah saved my life!"
Albertin, Liver cancer survivor

"Today, the 22nd day of consuming buah merah oil, his condition is fine, and asked for home".
Nur, Brain tumor survivor

"I felt better and enjoyed sleeping," she said. Breast became flexible and no contraction".
Daryanti, Breast cancer survivor

"The doctor said that he recovered 90%. Actually, he never consume medicine other than red fruit oil".
Hamid, Brain cancer survivor


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Redpapua 100 ml

Price: US$ 34.95 / bottle, Netto: 100ml

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Redpapua CapsuleRedpapua Capsule

Price: US$ 29.95 / bottle, ( 30 capsules/bottle)

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We deliver to worldwide by APX, FedEx, UPS and DHL. It takes 2-7 days for the shipping. Our buah merah product have been successfully delivered to many countries in Asia, America, Europe, Africa and Australia e.g. USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Japan, Netherlands, France, Germany etc.

Why the red fruit oil seem expensive?


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Some factors influencing production cost are:

  1. The buah merah soaking is only 15%. To get 200 ml essences, it requires wet fruit of 10 kgs weight.
  2. The raw materials obtained from exiled area. To reach there, we must use transportation with high costs such as flight.
  3. The buah merah raw materials are very limited.

Redpapua is 100% natural and safe. HACCP Food Safety System.
Redpapua is our trade mark. Our natural product is processed through the only scientifically proven processing method, hygienic, modern and has been approved by the Ministry of Health - Republic of Indonesia and the Indonesian Food and Drug Administration (FDA) POM TR. 053 642 731

Why do you choose Redpapua?

1. Redpapua has been registered and given permit by POM TR 053 642 731
2. Redpapua has been processed according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Control Points) standard.
3. Redpapua has been checked and analyzed by locally and internationally recommended independent laboratory, stated that:

  • It is free from heavy metals.
  • It is free from Aflatoxin, a poisonous substance from algae that is normally occured in plant.
  • Bacterial count is not more than 10² / ml.

4. Experienced pharmacist who has had experience more than 20 years in multinational pharmaceutical company supervises the production process.
5. Redpapua is always controlled by chemist in our own laboratory before going to the market.

Good Manufacturing Process

Employing only skilled professional agriculturist, pharmacist, and chemist, The manufacturer - TRIAS SUKSES DINAMIKA CO. LTD is focus on delivering the best quality products.