Read How these people successfully fought cancer.

ovarian cancer survivors

"The cancer in me got smaller, thanks to red fruit!"
Ussy - Actress & Presenter, Ovarian cancer survivor

natural cancer cures

"There will be a world-leading cures for cancer !"
Lauren - Practitioner & Paranormal

"I advised my patients to take some red fruit supplement!"
Dr. Alvin - Medical Doctor

"Cancer cell that formerly was 6cm reduced up to 3cm".
Susy, breast cancer survivor

"Buah merah saved my life!"
Albertin, Liver cancer survivor

"Today, the 22nd day of consuming buah merah oil, his condition is fine, and asked for home".
Nur, Brain tumor survivor

"I felt better and enjoyed sleeping," she said. Breast became flexible and no contraction".
Daryanti, Breast cancer survivor

"The doctor said that he recovered 90%. Actually, he never consume medicine other than red fruit oil".
Hamid, Brain cancer survivor


Usage and Storage Information


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Nevertheless buah merah contains high free fat acid, its oil not produce bad smell and spiteful. This is caused by high antioxidant, especially tocopherol, carotene, and beta-carotene compounds content.

Buah merah oil can be consumed by everybody as it constitutes as supplement for body. Based upon aforementioned explanation that buah merah contained high active compounds required by body. Thus, buah merah oil functions to prevent disease for healthy person and as a medicine for unhealthy person. A healthy person is recommended to consume buah merah oil 1 time every day in amount of one tablespoon and for children 1 time in amount of one teaspoon.


1. Cancer patient is enough to consume 3 x 1 tablespoon after meal (level 2-4).
2. HIV/AIDS patient is 3 x 1 tablespoon and animal protein consumption.
3. Hepatitis and Cirrhosis patient is 2 x 1 tablespoon (morning & night) after meal.
4. Diabetes, Stroke and Heart patient 2 x 1 tablespoon after breakfast and supper.
5. Special for Lung Cancer patient is enough 2 x 1 tablespoon.
6. For those who are suffered from rheumatics, cholesterol, hypertension and painful body 1 day is enough to consume 2 x 1 tablespoon, the body will feel better after one until two days consumption.
7. For those who are tiredness enough to consume 1 day 1 x 1 tablespoon in the morning or afternoon.
8. Special for child of 2 - 5 ages is enough 1 very small teaspoon in 1 day and it will be better if consumed mixing with honey.


- Consumable with physician medicine with interval 1 hour after consumed physician medicine.
- Buah merah is easy for consumption, just pour into spoon, then ready to drink.
- Drink fresh water before and after taking buah merah oil.
- Buah merah is recommended to consume after meal.
- Seal well the pack to prevent from oxidation.

Buah merah oil is a natural product without additive. Based on result of analysis it has high antioxidant content which is red color (beta-carotene) and a very sensitive to temperature. Therefore this product should be placed at a cool restore place such as refrigerator (not freezer). When you want to consume buah merah restored in the refrigerator you are recommended to put it away from refrigerator and let it free about 20 minutes and shake.