Buah merah plants are found among the density of tropical forest, spread within cool mountain climate on 2000-3000 meters above sea level in Papua. The Latin name of this plants is Pandanus Conoideus Lam. Buah Merah is well known to some Papua tribes. It is cooked and consumed as an additional food. The cooking process is unique which they call it Bakar Batu ceremony.

The local people collect the buah merah from the forest

red fruit cancerBuah Merah which formerly used for pig’s food or grow wildly at Papua forest, now is becoming familiar and expensive.
Buah Merah (Merah = Red, Buah = Fruit) is typical plant or endemic which grow at Papua island. Red fruit is included in pandanus family, but it has 16m height with free stand limp 5 until 8 m height supported with rhizome at lower limp. Fruit shape is oval and its bud covered with fruit leaves. Red fruit is 55 cm – 100 cm long, 10-15 cm diameter, and 2-3 kg weight. It has bright maroon red color. Nevertheless a few of them are brown and yellowish brown color.


Red fruit and plant pictures

buah merah 1

buah merah 2

buah merah 3

buah merah 4

buah merah 5

buah merah 6